Reflections on Frontier 2018


It was exhilarating to see a diverse group of stakeholders from the NYC education community come together to discuss Collective Impact reform at Frontier 2018. Together we learned more about Collective Impact, formed connections with other education advocates, discussed pressing topics in k-12 education and created commitments to continue Collective Impact work in our own communities.

To continue the work that we started at Frontier 2018, one attendee committed to reading a new book recommendation, another committed to sharing their takeaways with colleagues, while others expressed gratitude for the sense of respect and inclusivity they felt. Frontier 2018 showed us that there is a hunger for reform in NYC’s education community and that many individuals are already working towards that change. We didn’t claim to have the “answers,” but we planted seeds for Collective Impact and built upon existing reform efforts in NYC.

And thanks to all the participants that completed a feedback form, we learned that 100% of survey respondents felt respected and included in the conference, 97% would recommend Frontier 2018 to a friend, 90% agreed that they walked away with an actionable step to further Collective Impact and 82% felt that the conference equipped them with the tools, strategies and courage needed to begin Collective Impact work.

Reflections from attendees:

"One thing that set Frontier 2018 apart from other conferences I have attended is the commitment from the speakers and attendees to their goals for education reform. The speakers and organizers encouraged everyone to set a realistic goal to accomplish which took us all a step closer to collective action and to have a collective impact."
“Frontier connected me with other education ecosystem players who also want to dismantle the invisible divides among education organizations to ultimately impact student achievement. As an out of town participant I also enjoyed learning about the similarities and differences between NYC and Chicago’s school systems, and was able to meet new allies in the movement toward equity in education.”
“As an upcoming graduate hoping to enter the education field, Frontier 2018 provided a space for me to discuss my visions with everyone from peers to veteran educators and entrepreneurs.”

"Frontier 2018 was a space where I felt respected and included. My biggest takeaway was seeing the amount of people who are dedicated to making equitable, quality education accessible. This is Collective Impact at its finest and it is because of people like those in attendance that day that I feel inspired to continue the work that I do. Education is no simple field to navigate, but Frontier was able to provide the the tools and connections to get there."

"As a young person it was really incredible to witness and be a part of such inspired conversations and thinking from such intelligent and passionate people."

"It know equitable education is definitely achievable thanks to all the passionate minds that came together over the weekend and promised to continue the goals of collective impact."

“I loved being in a room with people who have been working in this field longer than I have been alive, but that my experiences and ideas were given the same weight and validity as everyone else’s. This is what collective impact is really all about, and I’m so thankful  that Frontier was able to foster this community of engaged, respectful, and intelligent individuals—this gives me much hope for this future!”

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