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Frontier 2018 Conference

Frontier 2018 is a k-12 education conference that will leverage the expertise of NYC's education community to lead effective school reform. The lineup will feature experts across school leadership, ed-tech, community organizing, entrepreneurial education, and arts activism. Through a serious of roundtable discussions, talks and a panel, attendees will explore how cross sector collaboration can implement holistic reforms in schools.



TEDxNYU 2017 Conference

In my final year at TEDxNYU, I directed the organization's 7th annual conference, On the Brink. The year leading up to the event brought lessons on leadership and teamwork as I learned how to bring this creative vision to life. 

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Cascades Advisory Program

In the 2016-17 academic year, I had the unique opportunity to work alongside the Assistant Principal at Cascades High School to develop their College Advisory Program. With the support of NYU student-volunteers, I created and implemented a college readiness curiculum for 230 students.