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The National Coalition on School Diversity: 2017 Conference

The National Coalition on School Diversity (NCSD)’s fourth national conference, “A Struggle We Must Win: Advancing School Integration Through Activism, Youth Voice, and Policy Reform, is expected to bring together over 400 people from across the country to discuss and strengthen strategies for reducing racial and socioeconomic isolation in elementary and secondary schools. Our 2017 conference focuses on empowering communities and the next generation of leaders.

The social and academic benefits of racially and socioeconomically integrated schools are well documented. In addition to helping to narrow the achievement gap, research shows that students attending integrated schools are better equipped for a global economy, have improved civic attitudes towards democratic participation, and demonstrate enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills. Despite the overwhelming research on the benefits of diverse learning environments, segregation—which is closely tied to educational inequities—is a persistent challenge in our nation’s public schools.

NCSD’s national conference provides a space for parents, students, educators, researchers, advocates, activists, policymakers (from federal, state and local levels), and other supporters to coalesce around a shared commitment to integrated education. Attendees exchange best practices; discuss and generate tools and ideas aimed to introduce, enhance, or protect school diversity initiatives in their communities across the country; and build supportive relationships. It is the largest cross-sector school integration convening in the nation.