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Frontier 2018 Education Conference


Date: April 7, 2018
Time: 10AM - 4PM
Location: NYU Kimmel Center, Rosenthal Pavilion 10th fl


Frontier 2018 is a cross-sector education conference that will bring together diverse stakeholders in k-12 education to discuss and design schools beyond the limits of standardization. The conference will feature speakers and attendees across education, technology, policy, health and the arts that will explore how cross-sector collaboration can lead to creative and autonomous schools that produce successful outcomes.


Over the last decade, standardization has taken over our schools. Not only do standardized tests incentivize teachers to teach to the test, but teachers read off scripted lesson plans, uniform methods of instruction are strictly enforced across all classrooms, and networks of charter schools have adopted a franchise model to copy-and-paste identical schools  in unique and diverse communities. The idea is to make education optimally efficient and scalable, like a business. But the standardization of education trades cost-saving and limited liability for what should be the goal of education:  fostering students’ problem solving skills and ability to adapt and thrive in a changing world.

We need to address standardization by leveraging the unique talents of students and teachers and responding directly to community needs. Otherwise, we will fail to prepare young people to navigate and thrive in today’s complex world.


NYU Steinhardt Alumni Association
Acceleration Group
One Breath Circle
NYU Roosevelt Institute

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to Nov 16

The 2017 Global Education Conference

The Global Education Conference Network is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. Our activities are designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting classrooms while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity and educational access for all. The event is free and takes place entirely online.

Join our online community for more information and to network with global educators and organizations!

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to Oct 20

The National Coalition on School Diversity: 2017 Conference

The National Coalition on School Diversity (NCSD)’s fourth national conference, “A Struggle We Must Win: Advancing School Integration Through Activism, Youth Voice, and Policy Reform, is expected to bring together over 400 people from across the country to discuss and strengthen strategies for reducing racial and socioeconomic isolation in elementary and secondary schools. Our 2017 conference focuses on empowering communities and the next generation of leaders.

The social and academic benefits of racially and socioeconomically integrated schools are well documented. In addition to helping to narrow the achievement gap, research shows that students attending integrated schools are better equipped for a global economy, have improved civic attitudes towards democratic participation, and demonstrate enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills. Despite the overwhelming research on the benefits of diverse learning environments, segregation—which is closely tied to educational inequities—is a persistent challenge in our nation’s public schools.

NCSD’s national conference provides a space for parents, students, educators, researchers, advocates, activists, policymakers (from federal, state and local levels), and other supporters to coalesce around a shared commitment to integrated education. Attendees exchange best practices; discuss and generate tools and ideas aimed to introduce, enhance, or protect school diversity initiatives in their communities across the country; and build supportive relationships. It is the largest cross-sector school integration convening in the nation.


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Drinks & Debate: Let's Talk About High School Admissions


New York City’s high school system is built on choice, but in reality many of the city’s low-income students of color are shut out of its top schools.

Now, the city is trying to figure out how to give more students a fair shot — and in the process make schools more diverse. Chalkbeat NY has been following this story closely, and now we’re inviting people from across the system to join us in a conversation about what can be done to improve this process.

114 W 47th st, 19th floor
NY 10036

Get tickets here!

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to Oct 7

Progressive Education Network: 2017 National Conference

This October, experience a three-day immersive conference in the historic city of Boston! Participate in stimulating workshops, engage in school visits and place-based learning experiences, Listen to a variety of educators and student speakers from around the country, meet new friends, and re-connect with colleagues, reflect on your practice and grow your understanding of progressive education.

October 5th-7th, 2017
Back Bay Events Center, 190 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA

Adult Early Bird: $250
(Purchase before August 21st)
Adult Regular: $325
Student: $100



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to Jun 23

World Teach: Climate and Ocean Education Symposium

WorldTeach has teamed up with Stevenson School and the Monterey Bay Research Aquarium Institute (MBARI) to offer their first Symposium on Ocean and Climate Education. Please consider attending from June 19th-23, 2017 in Pebble Beach, CA and learn about the latest in marine and climate science and how to use data to educate our own communities about the fate of our ocean. Invited guests include field researchers from Stanford Hopkins Marine Station and representatives from environmental and education agencies in the Marshall Islands, American Samoa and Micronesia.

The Symposium partners are generously contributing their time and resources to this effort, enabling us to price this conference at cost for $350, including meals, accommodations, an outdoor excursion, and all symposium fees.

Here is a brochure with more information.

To register, email to indicate your interest to symposium@worldteach.org before May 20th. 

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to Jun 1

Higher Ed Leaders Forum: Driving Change in Challenging Times

For the presidents, chancellors and provosts of our nation’s colleges and universities, issues on campus grow more urgent and complex every day — from student success and affordability to free speech, diversity and inclusion; from campus unrest to new technologies to the potential impacts of the Trump administration. Given the demands on these decision-makers — and the many constituents they must serve — how can they best navigate their leadership challenges?

This spring, The New York Times will bring together the most influential leaders in higher education to explore powerful ways to address these issues. Our journalists will lead candid discussions with subject-matter experts to uncover innovative solutions. We will look ahead and illuminate the dynamic forces likely to disrupt education in the future. And through provocative onstage debates, revealing interviews and collaborative breakout sessions, we will examine the art of effective leadership and how to foster a successful culture within the unique environments of higher ed.

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